Dawn Montgomery

Nano-Keratin Treatment

Tame Your Curls!

The amazing new Nano-Keratin rejuvenating treatment makes your curls shiny and silky and eliminates frizz and excessive volume. You will experience all the benefits of the Brazilian keratin treatment, while keeping your curls.

What is Nano-Keratin and how can it help my hair?

Nano-Keratin is a safe, non-chemical, hair relaxer that smoothes, straightens and de-frizzes the hair, while LEAVING YOUR CURLS INTACT. It can be used on any type of hair, even hair that is very damaged.

Nano-Keratin is made using nano-technology that turns regular keratin (like that used in the Brazilian straightening technique) into significantly smaller particles. This makes it better able to penetrate to the part of the hair where it is most needed.

The inner layer of hair is where the strongest fibers and proteins reside. The inner part of the hair is also the most vulnerable to loss of protein from damage like pollution, chemical processing, sun exposure, and aging. It is also the hardest to treat, because it is covered by the overlapping cells of the outer layer. Unfortunately, most products on the market today can only treat the outer layer of your hair.

Nano-Keratin conditions your hair like no other product.The tiny keratin particles of Nano-Keratin are small enough to reach the inner cortex of the hair, to restore the protein and strengthen your hair. It deeply and effectively replenishes the inner layer of your hair. The best part is, you'll get wonderful, long-lasting silky, shiny curls.

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